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About Lina
About Lina Medina

Lina Medina began her fashion and design workshop 8 years ago, at the same time that she obtained her professional degree as Fashion Designer from the University Autonoma in Barranquilla. The birth of his design workshop occurred as a result of his degree thesis dedicated to swimsuits made with fabrics that incorporate new technologies, such as UV protection, anti-allergenic properties, and algae extracts that prevent dermatitis on sensitive skin. , among other advanced features.

Her research on the subject of textile technology led Lina to fully immerse herself in the process of designing special garments, materialized in a very attractive proposal of swimwear for women of all body types.

In 2020 Lina launches a very complete online store that presents its most recent collections, in a modern, agile environment, with spectacular photography, which allows clients from the America and Europe to easily purchase swimwear directly from the store.

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About our Store

Lina Medina Swimwear is your all time favorite Designer Store to shop the most stunning swimwear garments for women with the best Colombian quality. We are eager to assist you in your shopping process and look forward to sending you only the best swimsuits and cover ups for your infinite summers and sunny holidays.